Thursday, July 23, 2009

Auction Start for $5 and above

It's hot today and I work a little bit outside the house cutting weeds and watering the trees.
Now, I'm resting a little and again sitting in front of my computer and surfing on the internet and found a website for clothing. You can bid as less as $5 and above, you can find a new,handmade stuff,reconstructed clothing,second hand quality and recycled one. Try to give a visit if you want. Just type

Have a good night to all!

Auto Body Shop Corona

My husband check our car before we tarvel if it is in good condition so we can fix the car if it is not in good condition. It is not nice to stop in the middle of know where if you did not fix your car in advance.
If you have problem with your car you may visit at , they repair, fix, and restore your car. The collision repair expert will help you on your car problems and they have a very good service. If you think that your car needs repair just visit them online and you can check the repair shop in your local place. You can visit their website in auto body shop corona if you are interested. The collision repair shop expert serve and paint, restore the damage of your car so it will looks nice again. The damage of your car will be fix and they will paint and the collision damage of your car looks like new. Visit now.

Friday, July 17, 2009

My friend open a new online store just couple of days ago. Her store is recycling, reconstructing and making handmade clothing. She is really good in sewing and she sew clothes for the women and little girl. Please visit here shop for more handmade clothing .

Have a nice day to all!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Home Security

Everyone want to be secure and free from any harm and danger. The reviews on security systems have a great service to all the people who wants to be safety. Today's economy is so hard that many people is very difficult and hard. According to the news that the rate of theft increases. Theft there and here that we didn't expect so for our own safety we really need home security.The Home Security helps you to be secure in everything that you do.
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Crochet and Travel

Everytime we traveled and whenever I had time. My hand is full...I have yarn,hook,scissors and printed fabric. I can say that during our long distance travel I enjoy so much, besides looking around for the beautiful scenery.When I feel sleepy instead of sleeping I make a crochet cap and I cut the fabric for handmade appliques. It's real fun so when I arrive in our destination I finish 2-3 caps.

If you want to view the stuff that I made please visit at


Monday, July 13, 2009

Direct TV

We really love to watch the football game. Hubby likes sports so much and he can not resist to watch the game even he is busy. Sometimes our TV didn’t work as good and we want to see the game in high definition with Direct TV’s HD access. We want to get the multi -channel Direct TV soon.
If you are looking for a very good tv is a very good website to go. They have all the programming. If you need help with regards to your tv their expert representative will help you.
Direct TV is well-known in their very good service to everyone. They serve in different part of US and other places. Direct TV offers the best and most channels in HD, the most sports in SD, you can watch 8 channels in one screen. You can build also your own channel in quick tune and a lot more for the direct TV.If you are interested please visit there website and contact them. It is easy just click the direct tv links. If you have question you can contact them online and for sure they will accommodate all visitors and costumer. Why not visit their website now for more details?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

On our way home we saw the very beautifl rocky mountain and saw a little stream that is beautiful. We stopped by and took more photos of it isn't that look beautiful? Hubby and I went to very nice places and really love to spent more time together just the two of us.
During winter time I always complain that it's too cold for me and now the summer is here I complain again that it's too hot for me. Last week we went to Colorado and the weather is cool especially on the top of the mountain.Here's one of the photos of the mountain that there's snow.So wonderful there and we love to go back again hopefully by next year.

My friend invited us yesterday and we went to her house. Shetold us about her coming wedding and how she would like to have a very nice wedding. I told her that it takes time to prepare the wedding so when there is still time it is good to prepare everything from the wedding gown and many more things need to prepare.
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In our country I never seen moss, I always saw carabao,horse and cow. My husband was driving and he stopped and asked me to gave to him the camera. He's so very glad when he saw moss and right away he took pictures of moss. I don't have any idea what moss and just didn't gave much importance about it, but because I saw hubby's smile is ear to ear I can say so I was intrigue by that animal. For m it looks like cow but it's horn is different, it looks nice though.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Veteran Loans

Before we go for a shopping we list the particular stuff that we need to buy so we will not forget. Sometimes we bought stuff that is not necessary and we need to watch our expenses. We want to save so we can pay our loan and by the next time we need some money they will let us have a loan in case of emergency.
If you are in need of money especially for emergency cases, you may visit at You can apply loans for very low rates.Please visit the website for more information regarding the loan.Check now for their Veteran Loans.

I really like the set of girls summer top and skirt. It is cool for the warm temperature. I am thinking of my nieces back in my country it will fit to them these girls set. I like the print because it is so nice the fish,coral reef and the seaweeds. Isn't that pretty looking for a little girl for this summer? It is darling and I wish my nieces are near so I can right away let them fit the dress but before fitting hahaha I have to order it first. The site is

Have a nice day to all!

Cellular Outfitter

We surprised Mom a new cellular phone during the mother's day. She really like the cellphone so much because it is handy and the accessories is nice. Now, I am browsing and looking for cellphone accessories for my cellphone. It is very hard when you are not familiar with accessories. I am glad that I found a very good website for cellular outfitter.

If you are looking for cellular accessories such as cell phone batteries and a lot more try to check at, they have huge selection of cellular accessories.You can browse online for your own convenient. It is very comfortable and easy to find when you open their website. Why not visit their website and look for more cellular accessories.

Summer is here now and I can say that it's super warm outside. I can not stand staying outside for so long because after few minutes i have head ache.Oh my! it is really hot and I love to stay inside the house but it is really necessary to clean my garden or else the vegetables that I plant will die.

A halter style polka dot dress is perfect for this warm temperature. The dress is bubbles and the top and the bottom is elastic so it will be easy to fit and it will stretch. If you want to browse more summer clothing I will give you the handmade cheaper store at , I use to buy sexy clothing and it is expensive dress like the halter dress that I posted above these dress has reasonable price.

I bought one dress from promise it's so sexy.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Landlord Insurance

Hubby and I are talking about our insurance, the last month I am so sickly so I went to the doctor. Then the incharge asked if I had insurance. I can say that insurance is very important to not only to us but maybe to all. Whatever happen especially we do not have money as long as we have our insurance we are secured.
If you are looking for a very good insurance for your family or for yourself, the is a very good one to visit.You can visit their website for more information about insurance whether it is commercial or residential landlord insurance.
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Unique Darling Denim Bag with Appliques

I really like this bag so much it is so cute and unique style. The material is denim jeans and there is cute little strawberry girl appliques on it. Do you think it is darling bag? If so you can browse for more bags at .